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Story of the stolen sign

Working in the sign business is very rewarding.

It allows us to be as creative and artistic as we wish to be. And that was the case with creating the oryginal Polywoogs sign. The owner was looking for a woodsy, rustic looking sign to compliment her nature-oriented business.

Wooden carved sign, cnc routed, painted sign, sign near you.
Original wooden carved sign

First Wooden Carved Sign

The Originally Sign Guy was able to find a unique slab of wood and carve it with lettering install on wooden then posts for years to come.

Sign over time become a staple of the horizon on route two next to Holly Green Plaza. It was then until one very notorious hurricane broke the poles and resulted in a sign falling flat.

We were getting ready to fix it right away, but unfortunately for the owner, the Sign was stolen overnight! This news came as a shock to all of us. Usually, work like that is very heavy, so we can't even imagine how the evil deed was done without heavy equipment.

Sign Replacement - Dimensional Signs.

Artistic carving of wood grains on the HDU foam sign
Artistic Hand carved wood grain into a surface

We had to act fast. There was no way we could source an identical slab of wood anywhere to recreate the wooden Sign in the way it was expected. We had to find the best way to accomplish that task with as few changes as possible.

We turned to our trusted HDU Sign Foam, Strong and durable material that also can be carved and CNC routed for best results.

Sign Foam (High -Density Urethane) is the most reliable and enduring material on the market for dimensional sign making, environmental graphics, 3-D displays and model making - that is why it is our favorite material to work with.

Aaron spends hours carving by hand wood grains into a surface, sanding, painting, staining to accomplish wood looking slab that is an exact copy of an old wooden Sign. For an untrained eye, you won't be able to tell the difference, and that was a goal!

Now Sign can be securely installed on steel posts dress up as wooden with hand-carved grains. This Sign is pretty impressive if you ask me. Please go and see it driving by! Let us know what you think.

HDU Foam carved sign wood imitation

Our sign offer:

- carved wooden signs

- carved HDU foam signs

- PVC Routed signs

- gold and silver finished lettering

- aluminum signs with digital designs

- 3-D printed lettering signs

and more.

Contact us for free estimate.

We help you with it all, design, production, installation as well as permitting.

We offer Financing.


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