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Car Wash branding transformation

We live in a vibrant and beautiful small town on the ocean's shore - Westerly in Rhode Island.

In that town, like in every place, we have picturesque downtown with a more vintage feel to the signage and advertising, with murals of history written on the walls. And more modern and current in advertising part of town that stretches alongside the ocean and famous route one. It really can't get any better than that.

Among this more modern side of Westerly, we can find Westerly Car Wash local full-service car wash that offers Unlimited Car wash club to their members!

A business owner who decides to change their brand after years in operation takes a risk. But frequently, this risk pays off, especially if the change is global for the whole brand. When starting a business, we have some ideas of how we want to look to the customers. Over time, our thoughts get lost and replaced with excited employee ideas and then another, leaving the owner with a mix and match of different elements that at some point made sense, but then the connection gets lost somewhere in translation.

It is always a pleasure to work with Westerly Car Wash, we did work for them before, and now as ever, we have been excited to change things up drastically. The desire was to recreate an iconic figure of a happy yellow car and incorporate him into all the signage with a traditional for the industry color scheme and more apparent and visible.

Westerly Car Wash never looked sharper!

We were able to help replace main signage up front and back of the premises, directional signage for the building navigations, and directional sign for Unlimited Member Drive through. It all comes together seamlessly.

The most satisfying part of our job is when the paper's design comes to life after installation; it gives us much satisfaction and pride.

What can we do for your company?


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