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Sign removal and installation

Pilot Truck Stop in North Stonington is a wonderful example of a big installation job for us.

This kind of work requires extensive planning, inspections, permitting and time management to accomplish safely and in the given time frame.

A well-known local truck stop pilot sign deserved an update. After many years of serving and few withstand hurricanes and snowstorms he may have not survived another one.

We had the pleasure to have an opportunity to take it down and install new signs in its place.

First, we had to remove the old sign peace by piece in safety matter, We had to do it in December and the weather is quite unpredictable at this time of year. but with luck, we had a mostly sunny day that day and almost no wind.

After the removal of the previous sign, we had to excavate the premise for a new sign and prepare the concrete floor for its grounding. We did it with help of a local company - Ocean County Construction - and they did an absolutely tremendous job.

Next, we install the large pole and waited for the main sign to arrive

After finishing we pull the new sign in place using a crane and install and connected all the display lights.

It was an amazing time for us, we love working with a great team of people and together with other local companies to accomplish another great and long-lasting landmark for our surroundings.

Pilot sign.

- taking down the old sign.

- site preparation for the new sign.

- new sign installation and set up


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