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carved dimensional signs

When it comes to signs, the wooden carved ones seem to get the most attention and admiration. They are elegant, impactful, and very sought after. But does all the carved signs are equal? Let's explore the possibilities, techniques, and materials we can use to complete your perfect sign.


We are often asked by customers initially about carved wooden signs. As understandably, we don't expect anybody to know the materials that can be used. Usually, the sign we had in mind in the first place, as an example, is actually not made of wood.

Sign industry offers many options that outlast wood in performance, weathering conditions, and time and quality of work that can be done on smooth surfaces.

We offer HDU foam and PVC carved signs aside from wood and any elements like old boat parts, slabs of wood that you find attractive, and more.

HDU foam

strong and durable, can be sandblasted as well as routed or hand-carved. It can be transformed into wood looking sign without actually being prone to weather damage over time or splitting. An excellent example of the work with this material we have in the case of a Polywogs Child Development Center sign. Here is a long story

We made the unique sign from a vintage slab of wood that was one of a kind in the past to make it short. The sign was proudly standing there for years till one-day hurricane came and broke the wooden posts. This in itself would not be an issue. We were planning on fixing it as we receive the call that the sign was stolen overnight. At this point, there was nothing else left to recreate it. But how would you recreate a unique slab of wood in the same shape and size?

You don't! You carve it by hand using HDU foam. See more of this great project here.

PVC board

a magical substance that would outlast wood and get harder and tougher as time goes. Beautifully carved will be a fantastic decoration, especially if you are looking for painted or partially printed signs. Created big and complicated designs never been easier.

No limits to what we can do

when it comes to carved signs, we had requested carving letters and logo on many materials over the years. The most favorite ones are when the fabric we cut on means something special to the customer; maybe it belonged to a family member or a lost friend. We always try to find the best way to create unique carvings for your keepsake. One of the recent projects we did was a surprise sign for a local farmer's wife who wanted to create a sign from a piece of wood they liked from their propriety. We carved it with hand-drawn designs of Dog and Sheep, and it turned out amazing if you ask me. It is always great to be part of someone's memories.

We offer payment plans

for all of our signs and always try to work with our clients on what their needs are. Sometimes you don't even need a carved sign to accomplish a dimensional sign look. Often we can create the 3D design and apply it to a board with vinyl digital printing.,

As you see, possibilities are endless, and the only way to find out what best for your business is to schedule an appointment with our branding specialist today.

are you looking for:

- Carved sign

- Painted sign

- Digitally printed sign

- Indoor metal sign

We have it all.


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