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Farm branding and labels

We enjoyed helping local Westerly Rhode Island Farm with creating a new brand for their business. Old signs required replacement,, and what better opportunity to do some updates than that. Young Farmer's family wanted a combination of old school style of 50's milk bottles cups with a new and refreshed look that will fit into the current visual reality of social media.

Logo Creation

We came up with a tri-color logo, white red, and black, used a combination of vintage layout and never fonts. It looks stunning while driving by Dunn Corner Road in Westerly.

We offer Flex Branding Pacage that include - Logo Creation/Rebranding and Branding for all the essential elements. Often times when first opening our business we do not put much time in the visual elements of it, especially in the past when internet was not a first place people would find us. This times are in the past and good branding is a key for any business. That what we offer the transformational services, to in a way bring your business to the visual age we live in.

Product Labels

You can also find Farm Logo in local market while buying eggs. We prepared the Roll labels for our farmer so his eggs can stand out in the fridge. did you try them already?

Roll Labels can be used in many way, from your home made jams to bottles of beer or chocolate. We offer 4 kinds of roll labels right now:

Bopp Roll Labels - made from plastic are waterproff and resistand to UV rays. Great for places when you value bright colors to stay.

Poly Labels - made from tough polyester material are extra durable. With bright colors will be great for your project

Paper Labels - affordable option with many options of paper from kraft to floursecent yellow and green, great when the really bright sticker is needed.

Labels can be any shape and size you like and we have low minimum so we ca acomodate even home or school projects for you in great prices.

Do you like this project? please feel free to contact us with your next project at hand


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