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Reach your customers today with direct mail - easy and convenient.

When considering potential advertising sources, we are always looking at many factors like budget and actual reach of the brand, company recognizability after possible promotional events.

If the prospective customer sees your truck driving by, will they recognize you quickly? Will they really in their minds what your offer is and latest promotion? What is the best way to accomplish just that?

It turned out that the easiest way is to get to their hands in their homes - in the most traditional methods - Direct Mailing. As much as we will like to believe that the online world takes over the advertising area, the response rate for online sources is not crossing 0.7%. Something so tangible like a letter, brochure, or even a postcard in their hands guarantees an astonishing 8% response rate! That is huge when you consider that not always you had a chance to choose where exactly your mail will end up. Now with these new tools we offer, you can be extremely specific as to whom you want to send your letter to and even choose between residential and business recipients, all that with a few clicks.

The next step would be to create a beautiful offer for your customers, choose the format, paper, and send out excellent advertising to your client's homes. It is easy if you consider old ways and dealing with the post office. If you tried, you know it can take days, and who has days to prepare a quick sale promo and send it out?

Let us help you with this, and let's schedule a consultation today.


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