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Direct Mail Marketing - Are traditional ways still better?

Running a business in current times is filled with challenges. The biggest one will always be how to reach your perfect audience and be remembered.

If you are online, you know that advertising with social media can be successful but also cost a lot of money over time, and it is hard to control that cost as it does change and depend on many factors. In recent studies, there I only one other source of advertising that comes close to social media reach - the traditional direct mail method. I know it may be shocking to hear that at first, but it makes a lot of sense if you consider those factors:

You are in your customer's home for a minute - you may end up on their fridge.

Your brand may be visible to them daily if you send them something they need - menus offers with coupons or general information about summer events in the neighborhood. It will be helpful and gain exposure for a long time.

Your RIO is off the chart - with a whopping 8% responses rate, you are positioning yourself ahead of the game. And with minimal competition, you may end up being the source of service for a potential client. Better yet, Direct Mailing has 75% brand recall! This means that after they see your mail, they will recognize your truck when driving by or recall your promotion when seeing a sign on the building, and that is AMAZING if you ask me.

Things get better and better.

We are now offering a full-service Direct Mailing service.

It used to be that you had to design the postcard. Then print it, find the routes and addresses yourself to bundle up your materials, and deliver them to the post office. On top of that, pay high prices for postage that would change depending on the promotion size you are sending. It all sounds like a headache to me.

We offer full service that means:

  • We design promotional materials together

  • We help you determine the routes according to specifications like an average income and zip code. (most of the business comes from 5 miles radius from the location of business)

  • We take care of the rest!

  • And the postage prices are lowest than USPS and stay the same regardless of the size, so your creativity is not limited!

Try us today, and let's talk about your needs.

Your creative team.


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