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small start-up business

Often great ideas start as a hobby. We create something out of boredom, and this quickly became our passion, and soon you see yourself having a little table at the craft show in the local school and maybe, in the end, a website with an online store.

Even the smallest of businesses deserve a great brand. That what the dream and vision were for Mikana Macrame artist came to us to see if we can be of help - we could not be happier.

We created a well-crafted LOGO design for Mikana that will represent her initial as well as the artistic name she used. The logo that spoke macrame art - delicate, natural colors, easy to carve in wood for elements like plant hangers and more, and of course easy to see when used on social media.

Next, we help her develop necessities for the craft show and client reach - business cards and price tags for her pieces.

We also created a beautiful, informative stand-up rollout banner that she could use for the windows display with all the pieces of information on it.

The last step was to create easy to use website and online presence.

The website had to have a stream of pictures from Instagram and multiple galleries for the display of work. An online store that could accept online payments that have blog option, contact, and "about us" section. All easily changeable by the client after a short instruction.

We offer a wide range of promotional materials:

  • table cloths with logo and info on it

  • trade show and craft show tents

  • flyers, catalogs, brochures

  • business cards

  • banners, roll up banners with carrier bags

  • bookmarks, postcards

  • and much much more you can find here, or ask.

This is a great example of quick branding for even the smallest of businesses. So if you are making jellies at home, crafter beers, chocolates, or crochet - contact us for a free quote; we can help, and the prices we offer beat one of the online offers!


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