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Our Process - from design to results

Getting a new sign and change can be overwhelming at times. We are here to help.

Our goal is to make this process as easy on you as possible.

First, we try to meet you at the place where the sign or branding will happen.

We have a suggestion placement picture that helps you imagine the possibilities of the projects and what will work best for you! check out our sign section of the page!

We always take pictures and measurements. This way we can give you the most accurate free quote as well as designs.

Example of the picture sent by customer for social distance estimate
Example of the picture sent by customer for social distance estimate

In recent times as the pandemic struck some customers choose to limit their meetings, we understand that. Often time a phone conversation and emails will be sufficient in the design process.

Thanks, technology!

Next, we will talk about your dreams and expectations. It is great to brainstorm and figure out together what will work best for your location and business. We encourage you to be open-minded and have trust in our expertise, advertising is our passion, and helping you is what drive us, you can rest assured we want what is best for you and will give you our ideas honestly.

Following we will work on the designs. Usually, you will get a complete mock-up of the signs on the pictures we took earlier - over the years we figure out that this is the best way for our clients to see ahead of time exactly how the storefront or sign will look in real life.

we prepare complete mock-up of the design for the approval.
Mock-up design on the picture

It is extremely important that you LIKE and APPROVE your sign designs. As the creation of the actual product is cut and dry process, after the approval of the picture there is no room for changes. We will make sure you really are pleased with the final design.

When the design is approved and the deposit paid we are getting to the production and installation part of the job. Often times we help you obtain the permit from the town for your signs, it is an easy process that just requires a detailed design picture to be attached. We will give you an estimated time of production and install the signs when it is ready and weather permitting. This is our favorite part when is all set and done and we have another happy customer.

We hope this explains how we work and give you confidence that your business is safe in our hands. We are here to help and do our job best to our abilities - and those are pretty remarkable.

signs, iluminated signs, vinyl lettering on the window, branding, storefront, office windows
Final results! and Happy Customer.


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